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"Backward in Religious Matters": The Church in Colonial North Carolina       [online]

"Double Voting" in Robeson County: A Reminder of an Unequal Past       [online]

"I Know How to Work": Stories of Farm Women in Stokes and Surry Counties       [online]

"Liberty to Slaves": the black response       [online]

"Measures Not at All Pleasant": Hard Times on the Home Front       [online]

"Respect and Encourage the Individual": Learning among the Lumbee       [online]

"Starvation Will Stop It": Poverty on the North Carolina Home Front       [online]

"The Duke" of Asheville       [online]

"The Great Agitator": Golden A. Frinks       [online]

"The difference is about our land": Cherokees and Catawbas       [online]

"Thorough Scholars and Useful Members of Society": An Education at the Burwell School       [online]

"With All the Speed Imaginable": Horse Racing in North Carolina       [online]

The Lost Colony: Interpreting History Through Drama       [online]

A Cabinetmaker's Apprentice in a Busy Shop       [online]

A Class All Their Own: American Indians in Antebellum North Carolina       [online]

A Conversation with Artist Joel Queen       [online]

A County Name Changes       [online]

A Daredevil Named Tiny       [online]

A Deadly Contest: The Stanly-Spaight Duel       [online]

A Descendant Reflects on the Roanoke Island Freedmen's Colony       [online]

A Different Kind of Exploration: William Bartram and Science in the 1700s       [online]

A Drum Major for History: Honoring Dr. William H. Cartwright       [online]

A Fine Day in the Backcountry       [online]

A Forced Migration       [online]

A Foreign Field that is Forever Changed       [online]

A Golden Anniversary for the Blue Ridge Parkway       [online]

A League of Their Own: American Indian Basketball before Integration       [online]

A Life-Saving Team: Gertrude Elion and Dr. George Hitchings       [online]

A Long and Difficult Journey Across the Atalantic       [online]

A Look Through the Lens: FSA Photographs       [online]

A Look at Stickball       [online]

A Look at the Cherokee Language       [online]

A Look at the Trail of Tears       [online]

A Miller and His Mill       [online]

A New Deal for the American People       [online]

A New Government Allows Reforms       [online]

A New Home       [online]

A New Woman Emerges       [online]

A North Carolina WASP       [online]

A Part of Life, Not Just a Sunday Event: Religious Life in Antebellum North Carolina       [online]

A School by Any Other Name       [online]

A Shadow over Progress: 1850-1861       [online]

A Snapshot in Time: How to Study a Photo       [online]

A Soldier's Life       [online]

A Story about Story       [online]

A Thanksgiving Day Disaster       [online]

A Wagon with a Story to Tell       [online]

Activities       [online]

African American Brilliance       [online]

African American Civil Rights in North Carolina       [online]

African American Culture and the World Around You       [online]

African American Political Pioneers       [online]

African Americans in Union-Occupied Eastern North Carolina during the Civil War       [online]

African and African American Storytelling       [online]

Agriculture at the State Fair       [online]

America's Music in the 1920s       [online]

American Indian Storytelling       [online]

American Indians and the Civil War       [online]

American Tobacco Trail       [online]

An Interview with Chief Justice Henry Frye       [online]

Analyzing an Artifact: What in the World is a Hogshead?       [online]

And the Mysterious Mr. Ney       [online]

Antebellum Life on an Edgecombe County Farm       [online]

Antebellum Settlers in the Mountain Region       [online]

Appalachian Trail       [online]

Archibald DeBow Murphey: Leader of a Growing State Envisioning Change       [online]

Arrivals in the East: Settlement of the Coastal Plain, 1650 to 1775       [online]

Assigned Places       [online]

Aviation in North Carolina, 1873-2003       [online]

Babe Ruth       [online]

Barbecue: Still Smoking after Three Hundred Years       [online]

Baseball Outlaws during the Depression       [online]

Bath: North Carolina’s First Town       [online]

Becoming North Carolina       [online]

Bellamy and the Height of Antebellum Design       [online]

Blimps Over Elizabeth City       [online]

Breakfast with the President       [online]

Brothers in Bondage: The Moravians Struggle with the Institution of Slavery       [online]

Caleb Bradham and the Invention of Pepsi-Cola       [online]

Caleb Davis Bradham       [online]

Carbine Williams       [online]

Celebrating Thousands of Years in a Single Day       [online]

Challenging the Chain Stores       [online]

Charlotte Hawkins Brown: Legendary Educator       [online]

Charlotte Hawkins Brown: The Evolution of a North Carolina Legacy       [online]

Cherokee Basketry       [online]

Cherokee Life Just Before Removal       [online]

Children during the Civil War       [online]

Chinese Folktales       [online]

Civil War Amputations       [online]

Collecting Nature: The Beginning of the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences       [online]

College Basketball Pioneers in North Carolina       [online]

Communities of Faith: American Indian Churches in Eastern North Carolina       [online]

Contemporary Migration in North Carolina       [online]

County Court Week in Antebellum North Carolina       [online]

Courage above and beyond the Call of Duty: Tar Heels in World War II       [online]

Creating a Cultural Connection       [online]

Dancing through History with the Warriors of AniKituhwa       [online]

Daniel Boone: Trailblazer       [online]

David "Carbine" Williams and the Invention of the M1 Carbine       [online]

David Settle Reid: Champion for "The Common People"       [online]

Difficult Days on Tar Heel Farms       [online]

Dig in to North Carolina's Food History       [online]

Digging Deep: Primary Sources in Archaeology       [online]

Discovering What Native North Carolinians Ate       [online]

Doc Watson--North Carolina Legend       [online]

Dogwood, Longleaf Pine, Plott Hound, Channel Bass, Gray Squirrel and Stock Car Racing?       [online]

Dorton Arena       [online]

Dotting the Map with the North Carolina Gazetteer       [online]

Dressed for Success: Uniforms and Women's Athletics       [online]

Earliest American Explorers: Adventures and Survival       [online]

Early Black Baseball in North Carolina       [online]

East against West: The Fight over Internal Improvements       [online]

Elisha Mitchell and His Mountain       [online]

Enemies and Friends: POWs in the Tar Heel State       [online]

Escape Through the Great Dismal Swamp       [online]

Excavating Joara and Fort San Juan       [online]

Expanding to the West: Settlement of the Piedmont Region, 1730 to 1775       [online]

Explorers Are You: Tar Heel Junior Historians, Pigs, and Sir Walter Raleigh       [online]

Facts and Fiction: Looking for the Colonists       [online]

Farm and Factory Struggles       [online]

Fast Facts about American Indians       [online]

Finding a Lost Fort (North Carolina's Real First Colony)       [online]

First Immigrants: Native American Settlement of North Carolina       [online]

Flight of the Imagination       [online]

Flora MacDonald: "The Bright and Particular Star"       [online]

Flying the Unfriendly Skies: North Carolinians in the Two World Wars       [online]

Food Fondly Remembered       [online]

Food and Faith       [online]

Footsteps of Change with VISTA       [online]

Fort Fisher       [online]

Frnaklin D. Roosevelt and the Great Depression       [online]

From Caledonia to Carolina: The Highland Scots       [online]

From Hep Cats to Full Birds: Sland of the 1940s       [online]

From Teletypes to the Internet: Sports and the Media       [online]

Furniture Making in North Carolina       [online]

George Higgs and the Bull City Blues       [online]

George Preddy: Greensboro's Ace       [online]

Get Out of Your Seat and Up on that Stage       [online]

Good Eats!       [online]

Hanged for Murder, but Was She Guilty?       [online]

Hard Lessons from Hard Times       [online]

Hardship and Heartbreak: Surviving the War at Home       [online]

Having "My Pikter Taken": Photographic Memories of the Civil War       [online]

Help From the Home Front: Women's Clubs Contribute to the Cause       [online]

Helping the Wright Brothers: Friends on the Outer Banks       [online]

Henry Berry Lowry Lives Forever       [online]

Historian's Tools: Primary and Secondary Sources       [online]

Historians Piece It All Together       [online]

Historical Hound       [online]

History Echoes Through Oakdale, Wilmington’s Picturesque Rural Cemetery       [online]

Homegrown Skills: Creating a Way of Life at the Coast       [online]

Hospital Cars Rode the Rails       [online]

How Did We Get Here from There? Advances in North Carolina Transportation       [online]

How Did Yellow Fever Infect Wilmington in 1862?       [online]

How the Twenties Roared in North Carolina       [online]

Hurricane Warning! The Storm of 1752       [online]

Indian Cabinetmakers in Piedmont North Carolina       [online]

Inside the Contemporary Powwow       [online]

Inventions in the Tobacco Industry       [online]

Inventions of the Air       [online]

It Needed to Change Before the State Could Grow: North Carolina's Constitutional Convention of 1835       [online]

Jane S. McKimmon and the Greening of North Carolina       [online]

Jim Thorpe and Babe Ruth: Sports Legends       [online]

Jim Thorpe       [online]

John Blue, Inventor       [online]

John Lawson's North Carolina       [online]

Just One Lady--How Dorothea Dix Fought for One Antebellum Social Reform       [online]

Just Say No--to Tea! The Edenton Tea Party       [online]

Keeping the School Doors Open       [online]

Kiffin Rockwell: Fearless Pilot of World War I       [online]

Language Tells North Carolina History       [online]

Laying the Foundation: American Indian Education in North Carolina       [online]

Learning the "Live-at-Home" Lesson       [online]

Legend: Blackbeard       [online]

Legend: Dolley Madison       [online]

Legend: Sequoyah, Inventor of the Cherokee Alphabet       [online]

Legend: Virginia Dare       [online]

Legendary Women       [online]

Legends and Myths: The "Three Sisters"       [online]

Lest We Forget: Women Inventors       [online]

Life on the Plantation at Stagville       [online]

Lindbergh's Influence on Aviation       [online]

Longtime Chief of the Waccamaw-Siouan: Priscilla Freeman Jacobs       [online]

Looking at North Carolina through a Lens of Words       [online]

Love May Lead to Freedom, but It Usually Takes a First Few Steps: The Story of the 1960 Greensboro Sit-Ins       [online]

Lunsford Richardson       [online]

Making Maps       [online]

Mammoth Moving Pictures       [online]

Marks on the Land We Can See: Routes of Carolina's Earliest Explorers       [online]

Mary Nicholson: Pioneering Aviator       [online]

Master of Round Peak Music       [online]

Me and the Jack Tales       [online]

Mining for Mystery in the Uwharries       [online]

Money Trouble       [online]

Moving through History       [online]

Nancy Ward: "War Woman" of the Cherokee       [online]

Nat Turner's Revolt in Virginia Raises Concerns in Neighboring North Carolina       [online]

Nathaniel Macon: Leader of an Agrian State Resisting Change       [online]

North Carolina Civil War Flags       [online]

North Carolina Gets in the Game       [online]

North Carolina Society in 1953 and in 2003       [online]

North Carolina Stories and Storytellers       [online]

North Carolina and the Birth of Radio Broadcasting       [online]

North Carolina and the Korean War       [online]

North Carolina: A Culinary Crossroads       [online]

North Carolina's Final Frontier: Settlement of the Mountain Region, 1775 to 1838       [online]

North Carolina's Founding Fathers       [online]

North Carolina's Wartime Miracle: Defending the Nation       [online]

North Carolina's Youngest Soldiers: The Junior Reserves       [online]

North Carolina’s American Indians in World War II       [online]

Object Lessons       [online]

Old Hickory/Young Hickory       [online]

On My Way: One Actor's Creative Journey       [online]

One Kicker of a Contraption       [online]

Opening Windows onto Antebellum North Carolina       [online]

Penderlea Yesterday and Today       [online]

Personal Reflections: Lest I Forget the Civil Rights Movement, the Ligon Jubilee Singers, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.       [online]

Phoebe: Spirit of the Past, Light to the Present       [online]

Piedmont Airlines Flies the Blue Skies       [online]

Polly Slocumb       [online]

Posters Help Win the War at Home       [online]

Put Up, Holed in, and Salted Down       [online]

Quaker Abolitionists: The Largest Slaveholders in the State?       [online]

Quaker Out-Migration       [online]

Radio Begins       [online]

Recent Population Change in North Carolina       [online]

Rehearsal for Revolution: The North Carolina Regulation       [online]

Remembering Where History Happened: Touring North Carolina's Civil War Sites       [online]

Remembering the Dead: Civil War Mourning       [online]

Rendezvous with History: Thomas W. Ferebee and the Enola Gay       [online]

Rescuing the American Dream       [online]

Runaways and Renegades: Piracy in Colonial North Carolina       [online]

Running the Blockade       [online]

Schools for Freed People       [online]

Sea Monsters, Railroads, and Modern Highways--Mapping Out History       [online]

Searching for Greener Pastures: Out-migration in the 1800s and 1900s       [online]

Secrets, Supplies, and a Big Skirt       [online]

Service in War       [online]

Sewing for the Confederacy       [online]

Shoot-out at Bond Schoolhouse: a little Civil War skirmish that had big repercussions       [online]

Shooting Past the Color Line       [online]

Shortages, Substitutes, and Salt: Food during the Civil War in North Carolina       [online]

Show Me the Money: The Business of Sports       [online]

Sid Luck: A Traditional Seagrove Potter       [online]

Simon Fernandez: Navigator, Privateer--and Villain?       [online]

Sitting Down for a Cup of Coffee and Civil Rights       [online]

Solving Modern Problems in Agriculture       [online]

Sounding Off on Radio       [online]

South Dakota v. North Carolina: Supreme Court Showdown       [online]

State Boat: Shad Boat       [online]

State Flower: Dogwood       [online]

State Fruit: Scuppernong Grape; State Vegetable: Sweet Potato       [online]

State Nickname: The Tar Heel State       [online]

Steam Power--Not Just for Railroads       [online]

Step by Step to Choosing, Learning, and Telling a Story       [online]

Stitching History Together: Using Artifacts as Primary Sources       [online]

Stories and Storytelling Long Ago and Today       [online]

Strangers in Town: New Bern's Federal Occupation       [online]

Studying and Applying Population Data       [online]

Studying the Remains of the Past       [online]

Surry County's Original Siamese Twins       [online]

Sweet and Clean: A Glance at the History of Infant Feeding       [online]

THJHA Essay Contest Winner: A Boy's Journal       [online]

Take Your Pick of North Carolina Apples       [online]

Talking Feet: The History of Clogging       [online]

Tar Heel Generals in Gray       [online]

Tar Heel Junior Historian Essay Contest Winner: North Carolina's Technology: Past Present and Future (by David High)       [online]

Tar Heel Junior Historian Essay Contest Winner: The Invention of the Airplane (by Emily Camplejohn)       [online]

Tar Heels in Space       [online]

Technology and the North Carolina State Fair       [online]

The "Modern" Civil War: Advances in Military and Naval Technology       [online]

The 1920s: A Decade of Change       [online]

The African American State Fair       [online]

The Agricultural Ecnomoy of Antebellum Life       [online]

The American Soldier       [online]

The Archaeology of Early North Carolina       [online]

The Art of John White       [online]

The Backcountry Grows Up       [online]

The Box That Changed the World       [online]

The Civil War on the North Carolina Home Front       [online]

The Civil War, Memory, and Lieutenant Mangum       [online]

The Colony of Carolina       [online]

The Day the Lights Came On       [online]

The Depression Blues…& Reds…& Yellows…Artists of the New Deal       [online]

The Extraordinary "Ordinary"       [online]

The Fayetteville Arsenal: A Place of Pride and Community Effort       [online]

The First People of North Carolina       [online]

The Five Classes of Women in Antebellum North Carolina       [online]

The Gatling Gun       [online]

The Ghost Train of Bostian's Bridge       [online]

The Gift of the Blue Ridge Parkway       [online]

The Golden Age of Sports       [online]

The Golden Years       [online]

The Great Migration and North Carolina       [online]

The Great Philadelphia Wagon Road       [online]

The Great Wagon Road       [online]

The Greatest Pilot on Earth       [online]

The Greensboro Four       [online]

The History of the State Fair       [online]

The House That Harriet Built       [online]

The Klu Klux Klan in North Carolina and the Battle of Maxton Field       [online]

The Loss of a Town       [online]

The Lost Colony       [online]

The Man Who Helped the World Breath Easier       [online]

The N.C. Commission of Indian Affairs       [online]

The Naming of a North Carolina Railroad Town       [online]

The Needy Doing Something Useful: The WPA Goes to Work       [online]

The North Carolina Gold Rush       [online]

The Occaneechi People: Experiencing a Cultural Renaissance       [online]

The Quakers and Their War of Resistance       [online]

The Salisbury Confederate Prison       [online]

The Scots-Irish in North Carolina       [online]

The State Flag       [online]

The State and Its Tribes       [online]

The Three White Classes in Antebellum North Carolina       [online]

The Tuscarora War: American Indians Fight for Independence       [online]

The Two Black Classes of Antebellum North Carolina       [online]

The Ups and Downs of a Seafaring Man       [online]

The Very Curious Case of Colonial North Carolina       [online]

The Waldenses of Valdese       [online]

The War within the War in the Mountain Region       [online]

The Why of the American Revolution       [online]

The Wild Horses of Currituck       [online]

The Women of Somerset Place       [online]

The Wright Brothers in North Carolina       [online]

There's History in Those Sticks and Stones!       [online]

Time Line of Exploration       [online]

Tiny Broadwick: The First Lady of Parachuting       [online]

Tom Davis: Entrepreneur of the Air       [online]

Touching Base with a Tuskegee Airman       [online]

Traditional Cherokee Pottery       [online]

Travel by Railroads, Cars, and Planes in the 1920s       [online]

Tryon Toy-Makers and Wood Carvers       [online]

Turning Ideas into Reality       [online]

Uncovering a Person's Story: Edward R. "Ned" Rawls       [online]

Union or Disunion? North Carolina Votes for Secession       [online]

United States Colored Troops: Fighting for Freedom       [online]

Vernon Haywood       [online]

Views through Pen and Ink: North Carolina's Antebellum Literature Records an Era       [online]

Virginia Dare and the Lost Colony: Fact and Legend       [online]

Walking Out: The Great Textile Strike of 1934       [online]

Weekend Time Machines       [online]

What Can I Learn from a Church?       [online]

What Do Explorers Do When They Are Not Exploring? John Lawson's Everyday Life       [online]

What We Can't Do Alone, We Can Do Together       [online]

What is a symphonic drama?       [online]

What's Eating You, Lazybones?       [online]

Wheeler Airlines: An American First       [online]

When Dinner Wasn't Quick or Easy       [online]

When World War II Was Fought Off North Carolina's Beaches       [online]

Which Side to Take: Revolutionary or Loyalist?       [online]

Who Did That Sign Say?       [online]

Who Painted the Canteens?       [online]

Who's In Charge Here, Anyway?       [online]

Will We Ever See an Easleyville?       [online]

William C. Lee: "Father of the Airborne"       [online]

William R. Davie House: A Building Tells Its Story       [online]

William Woods Holden and the North Carolina Peace Movement during the Civil War       [online]

Wilmington Helps Weld Allied Victory       [online]

Winning the Fight for Progress—North Carolina’s antebellum years begin: 1830-1850       [online]

With Deliberate Speed: North Carolina and School Desegregation       [online]

Women Step Up to Serve       [online]

Women's Contribution to the Cause       [online]

Work and Opportunity: African Americans in the CCC       [online]

World War II Touched Lives in Every Community       [online]

You Can't Miss It: Roadside Fun       [online]

Your Food Has Ancestors, Too       [online]

Zebulon B. Vance: A Confederate Nationalist       [online]

Classroom Activities

Food for Thought       [online]

Friends in Liberty: North Carolina and the American Revolution Teacher Supplement       [online]

How About Some Recognition?       [online]

Pottery Making: The Coil Method       [online]

Settlement of North Carolina       [online]

Studying and Applying Population Data       [online]

Time Lines

Eighteenth-Century North Carolina Time Line       [online]

Nineteenth-Century North Carolina Time Line       [online]

North Carolina American Indian History Time Line       [online]

North Carolina Women's History Time Line       [online]

North Carolina in World War II Time Line       [online]

Pre-Sixteenth-Century North Carolina Time Line       [online]

Seventeenth-Century North Carolina Time Line       [online]

Sixteenth-Century North Carolina Time Line       [online]

Time Line: American Indians in North Carolina       [online]

Twentieth-Century North Carolina Time Line       [online]


American Indians in North Carolina       [online]

Don't You Know There's a War On?       [online]

Friends in Liberty: North Carolina in the American Revolution       [online]

Moccasins to Motorcars       [online]

Virtual Field Trips

American Indians in North Carolina       [online]

Behind the Scenes at the Museum: Who Works Here?       [online]

Don't You Know There's a War On?       [online]

History Mystery       [online]

Moccasins to Motorcars: A History of Transportation in North Carolina       [online]

Rhythm and Roots of North Carolina Music       [online]

Virtual Scrapbooks

Professional Development

History-in-a-Box Kits

Educator Notebooks

North Carolina Legends Educator Notebook       [online]