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Virtual Field Trips Resource List

To schedule a virtual field trip, e-mail; call 919-807-7972; or fax 919-733-8655.

Virtual field trips can take place through video-over-IP or at North Carolina Information Highway (NCIH) video sites. Please see the NCIH video sites list for a site near you. If using direct video-over-IP, please call 919-807-7972 to arrange a site test. Virtual field trips are also available outside North Carolina.

American Indians in North Carolina

Explore the fascinating history and contemporary culture of North Carolina's American Indian communities. Students will learn and share information about the state's tribes through small group activities, video clips, and touch objects.  details
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Behind the Scenes at the Museum: Who Works Here?

What is it like to work in a museum? Who brings to life all the "stuff" of history? Who takes care of the museum building, trains the volunteers, publishes the documents, creates the Web site, builds the exhibits, conducts research, and stores the artifacts? Watch museum professionals in action and learn about their jobs. Understand the vocabulary of a museum. Play "Museum Jeopardy" for prizes!  details
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Don't You Know There's a War On?

This virtual field trip focuses on World War II from a North Carolina perspective. Hands-on activities, images and voices from World War II participants, and interactive discussion help students learn about life for North Carolinians on the home front and at war.  details
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History Mystery

How do historians unravel mysteries? What do objects tell us about how people lived long ago? By participating in interactive discussions and hands-on activities, students learn why the investigative skills of observation, hypothesis, and analysis are important in understanding history. Choose from five History Mystery topics: Colonial Life, Health and Healing, Rural Home Life, Civil War, and Tools and Gadgets  details
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Moccasins to Motorcars: A History of Transportation in North Carolina

Students will participate in interactive discussions and hands-on activities to discover how modes of transportation have changed over time and how these changes have affected North Carolinians.  details
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Rhythm and Roots of North Carolina Music

Did you know that music is part of history too? Explore North Carolina's musical roots and discover instruments with special ties to our state. Students will enjoy making music and hear Tar Heel musicians' recordings on the museum's own jukebox.  details
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